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We hope this platform would serve the best possible interest of all stakeholders. If you are interested in contacting us, please read our policies mentioned below before contacting us.

(A) We do not:

(1) Accept guest posts,

(2) Advertise at this news platform,

(3) Accept unsolicited articles, news, opinions, etc,

(4) Accept link exchange requests or any form of SEO offers,

(5) Accept reviews or analysis of any hardware, software, application or similar product or services,

(6) Accept posts, articles, etc that violate copyright or other rights of third parties,

(7) Accept press releases, media releases, PR releases, etc,

(8) Pay for your submissions as our sole aim is to disseminate information and not to earn revenue through any means including online advertisements, and

(B) We would love to:

(1) Hear your opinion and comments about this platform or issues related to the same,

(2) Review and publish your news, opinions, articles, etc provided they do not fall in any of the categories mentioned in (A) above, and

(3) Love to accommodate you as a useful member of this platform and your articles etc as useful contributions to this platform.

We reserve absolute right to accept, reject, modify, amend, abridge or deal with your submissions in any manner whatsoever to keep it in conformity with our policies.

You may contact us at the following e-mail addresses:

(1) perry4law (at) rediffmail (dot) com- For submitting any queries, articles, news, views, etc.

(2) perry4law (at) yahoo (dot) com- For submitting requests for becoming citizen journalists at this platform, and

(3) pd37 (at) rediffmail (dot) com for any copyright or content related issues.

You may also register at our platform and contribute as per your requirements.

Thanks for your interest and commitment.

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