About This Platform

This platform has been launched keeping in mind the need to share techno legal issues about technology and law at a single platform. There are many good platforms and websites that are talking about technological issues like Internet, cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc. Similarly there are many good websites that are providing valuable inputs in the field of law. However, there are very few websites that are combining both law and technology at a single platform. This platform intends to achieve that task i.e. to provide techno legal research works in the form of news and views.

It would be our endeavour to cover global techno legal news and issues and wherever possible we would provide additional and meaningful inputs to make the concerned news more holistic, research oriented and useful. It would not be wrong to term the platform as a techno legal news website with strategic, analytical and research inputs.

We would also use pointers/hyperlinks to make our news and views more interesting, appropriate, holistic and relevant. Original research and news would be duly acknowledged at the appropriate places.

We hope that national and international stakeholders would find this platform useful and worth reading.

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