News Team

Our news team comprises of seasoned and prolific writers who have acquired an international reputation for their editorial works. Our Journalists/News team is as follows:

(A) Individuals

(1) Praveen Dalal                (Editor-In-Chief)

(2) Geeta Dalal                    (Senior Editor)

(3) B S Dalal                        (Senior Editor)

(B) Institutions/Non Individual Entities

Keeping in mind the objectives and domain specific nature of the platform; we would be needing expertise and support of institutions and non individual entities as well. The criterion for such institutions/non individual entities is same as is applicable to individuals. The only additional requirement is that a concerned institution/non individual entity must have a clear, well defined and publicly accessible identity and web presence.

All Institutional/Non Individual Entities accounts would be under the direct supervision and editorial constraints of Praveen Dalal (Editor-In-Chief).

The following institutions/non individual entities are presently contributing to this platform:

(1) PTLB- (Administrator For Skills Development, Training And Education- Basic Level).

(2) PTLITC- (Administrator For Skills Development, Training And Education- Higher Level and Domain Specific Expertise).

(3) CEPHRC- (Administrator For Civil Liberties Issues In Cyberspace).

(4) CECSRDI- (Administrator For Cyber Security Issues)

(C) Citizen Journalists Requests

For submitting requests for becoming citizen journalists at this platform, please mail us at perry4law (at) yahoo (dot) com with the subject line “Citizen Journalist”. We always look forward to have people/journalists like you for our platform.

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