Google Is Manipulating Timestamp Of Digital India Related Dissenting News To Remove Them From Latest News Search Results

Digital India project is a crucial and important project for Indian government. It has been portrayed as a positive project by Indian government but not everything is positive about Digital India project.

Indian government has been illegally attaching the e-surveillance project named Aadhaar with its Digital India project. For instance, the digital locker is a legal project based upon illegal technology named Aadhaar. Illegal projects like these have made Digital India project the biggest digital panopticon of human history. Digital India has also become the digital panopticon of India that is well beyond parliamentary oversight and judicial review.

There are very few dissenting views against Digital India and Aadhaar project. Even those dissenting views are censored by search engines like Google and social media platforms like Twitter.

Twitter has been censoring Aadhaar and Digital India related tweets for long. Till now Aadhaar project was the most heavily censored topic in India. Now Digital India has taken the first place thanks to Twitter and Google. We have dedicated an exclusive blog on websites, blogs, search results and news censorship by Google in India as Google is the most prominent censorship agent in India.

Google has used very unique and novel methods to censor contents on the Internet. We have catalogued all these methods so that civil liberty stakeholders can have a readymade database of the same. In the latest method, Google has censored and manipulated with Digital India related news in a very bizarre method.

Google has manipulated the timestamp of the news titled Digital India, Aadhaar and digital panopticon of India and put the date 27-02-2015 instead of 02-03-2015. This means that news surfers looking for latest news would not get the same and after some time the news would be removed from the relevance search as well. We have also checked the date results and the news was lying on 4th page with other news of 27th February 2015 date.

We also cross checked the original source of the news and the date reflecting on it was 02-03-2015. We also checked other news of similar time and all of them bear the correct timestamp. We leave it for the readers to decide whether this is a technical glitch of Google’s system or a deliberate attempt to dump Digital India related dissenting tweets by Google.

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