Indian Govt To Launch Internet Safety Campaign Soon

Internet safety is a serious requirement these days when everything has been connected to Internet. Form education to healthcare, everything depends upon information and communication technology (ICT). It is natural to seek measures to protect various infrastructures and digital assets that are connected with Internet or cyberspace.

Indian government has announced that an Internet safety campaign would be started very soon in India. Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) welcomes this move of Indian government. From the media reports it seems that the awareness drive would cover all stakeholders ranging from school level to government departments.

By covering school children, Indian government has taken a significant step in the direction of making Indian cyberspace decent and law abiding. Many times school students are not even aware that they are committing something wrong. If they are suitably made aware, many cyber violations would not take place at the very beginning itself.

At Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we believe that school children in India must be suitably educated about cyber issues. These may include areas like cyber law, cyber security awareness, etc. Further, we also believe that online skills development methods must be widely used in India for better results. We have launched the PTLB Virtual Campus in this regard that may be helpful for providing online education, skills development and training in various techno legal fields.

Indian government would also issue directions to various departments to formulate cyber security best practices that must be used across various departments. However, the real problem is the actual implementation of cyber security initiatives in India that are missing so far. Now the stakes are very high and Indian government cannot afford to be lax in the cyber security field.

We at PTLB believe that there is an urgent need to rejuvenate our education system that has failed to keep a pace with the contemporary times. We need to shed our academic preferences and stress more upon skills and training based education in India. Internet has become a better education system than our universities and most of the people who have learned from Internet perform better than those who have graduated from universities across the world. Some of these geniuses are not even graduate or formally educated yet they are much more skilled than formally educated people.

While launching the Internet safety campaign, Indian government must keep in mind the skills oriented and problem solving approach rather than launching another academic project of low value. We wish Indian government and its partners all the best in this regard and hope that they would be successful in their endeavours.

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