Twitter Continues Censoring Digital India Related Dissenting Tweets

Twitter is a platform where you can exercise your rights to speech and expression in the best possible manner. This is so because you need not to write along write up or article to press your viewpoint. All you need is a small opinion or statement that can be liked or ignored by the twitter community. This is a democratic process where viewpoints are considered by the community to update themselves about the positive and negative aspects of an issue.

Twitter has little role to play in this democratic process but this is not true in all cases. Twitter has also no business to curb civil liberties in cyberspace but even that is happening. For instance, Twitter has been censoring and removing dissenting and critical tweet about the Digital India project of Indian government. This is happening almost in real time and tweets posted few hours back are removed by Twitter as a regular practice.

So what is this all fuss about Digital India? Digital India is a project of Indian government to use information and communication technology (ICT) for delivering of public services. So what is wrong with this approach? Nothing if the matter is as simple as portrayed but there is much more than what meets the eyes.

If Digital India is a public service project nothing can be more wonderful than that. However, there are many shortcomings of the Digital India project that Indian government is not disclosing to the citizens. That worst dark secret about Digital India project is that Digital India is biggest Panopticon of human race the moment it is clubbed with e-surveillance tool named Aadhaar. Though the central government has confirmed that Aadhaar is not compulsory for public services yet Aadhaar has been made compulsory for all public services in India throughout the country. This has made the Digital India project the digital panopticon of India of gravest nature.

This digital panopticon of India is flourishing while we are witnessing an era of submissive Parliament and Judiciary in India. As a result unconstitutional and illegal biometrics collection is happening in India without any sort of control and reasonableness. Digital India has become the Digital Panopticon of India because our Parliament and Judiciary has not done what the Constitution Fathers have mandated them to do.

Digital India project must be kept absolutely separate from Aadhaar or similar projects to safeguard civil liberties of Indian citizens. Otherwise, Digital India project would not be anything more than the worst digital panopticon of human race.

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