Aadhaar Is Not Mandatory For Stock Markets, Stock Exchanges And Trading For Stocks In India

Fake NewsA 9 Judge bench of Supreme Court is about to declare that Privacy is a Fundamental Right. Naturally, Indian government and private companies presently exploiting and planning to exploit future data of Indians would not be happy with this position. But there is no escape from this declaration otherwise there is no sense in keeping and obeying Indian Constitution opines Praveen Dalal. This is more so when Aadhaar is openly violating Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law in India.

A continued violation of Fundamental Rights of Indians would only result in chaos, civil disobedience and even riots. The only remedy remains is to declare Aadhaar as unconstitutional and scrap it. Aadhaar violates many Fundamental Rights and Privacy is just an insignificant part of these violations. In fact, even by excluding privacy violations, Aadhaar remains unconstitutional and a “Constitutional Anomaly” of severe nature.

It is only because of Aadhaar that we are presently facing a Digital Emergency where Indians have become digital slaves without any effective freedom or independence and constitutional protections. Government is using lies, coercion and arm twisting to force unconstitutional Aadhaar upon Indians. The truth is that Aadhaar is “Absolutely Optional” for all services and purposes in India, whether government or private.

So any law, rules, notification, etc by government or private companies making Aadhaar mandatory is simply illegal, unconstitutional and non binding. People can safely ignore such mandate and take government or private companies to task if their services are impaired in any manner whatsoever.

Besides an insensitive Supreme Court, media has played a major role in creating environment of fear and forcing Indians to enroll for Aadhaar. Media has been publishing fake news one after another acting purely as a PR agency of government. It is only because of Social Media like Twitter that Indian media has not been able to mislead many Indians that are now fighting against Aadhaar. Twitter has simply defeated the nefarious intentions of Indian government and media and truth is frequently disclosed in many Twitter discussions.

The latest fake news pertains to the requirement of Aadhaar for people or agents dealing in stock at stock exchanges. This is fake news as was done in case of bank accounts by citing money laundering excuse. The truth is that Aadhaar is not at all mandatory for people dealing at stock exchanges on in stocks/securities in any manner whatsoever. People can safely reject any such demand as Supreme Court has made Aadhaar optional for all purposes and services, including stock exchanges and security dealings.

Do not trust media reports as they are false, misleading and absolutely fake. In short, Aadhaar is not mandatory for stock markets, stock exchanges and trading for stocks or securities in India.

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