Biometric Blocking And Aadhaar Deseeding Must Be Done Together To Safeguard Your Interests Opines Praveen Dalal

Biometric BlockingManaging cyber security in the present times of cyber espionage and cyber warfare is a really tough job. For instance, any organisation of even slightest strategic importance is furiously targeted by hackers and cyber criminals. State sponsored cyber attacks are even worst as they have wide variety of cyber arsenals at their disposals.

Cyber security in India is not at all satisfactory. India lacks even basic level cyber security and government departments and agencies follow very poor cyber security practices. They can afford this casual attitude towards cyber security as Indian government itself is not aware of cyber security. Even in cases of serious data breaches, nobody cares and end customers have to bear the loss.

India has been able to manage without any cyber security law and good cyber security practices so far. It has survived by issuing guidelines and rules that nobody bothers to read and implement. But the situation has changed dramatically due to force imposition of Aadhaar project upon Indians that is clearly unconstitutional and very dangerous from cyber security perspective. The only solution to this gravely dangerous position is declaration of Aadhaar as unconstitutional by Supreme Court of India and destruction of the biometric collected by Indian government so far.

But you should not leave everything for the Supreme Court to manage as Supreme Court has been dragging its feet so far Aadhaar is concerned. Citizens must consider using self help measures to protect their own interests. These self help and self defense measures against Aadhaar include:

(a) Blocking of your biometric at UIDAI website and never using Aadhaar again for KYC or EKYC purposes in future,

(b) Deseeding of Aadhaar from all services, whether government or private, where you have seeded the Aadhaar, and

(c) Asking the UIDAI and Supreme Court to delete your biometric database from UIDAI registry and any and all other places where your biometric have been stored.

According to Praveen Dalal, it is pertinent that you must go for biometric blocking and Aadhaar deseeding together and not in isolation. Neither blocking of biometric nor deseeding of Aadhaar from all services without blocking of the biometric is sufficient in itself. Once the biometric have been blocked and Aadhaar is deseeded from all government and private services, ask UIDAI, Indian government and Supreme Court to destroy your biometric to prevent any future misuse of the same.

No matter what government and UIDAI tell you about security and safety of Aadhaar, biometric are very weak form of authentication and protection. Cyber security of biometric can be compromise in minutes from any part of the weakest link. Aadhaar is full of weakest links and your biometric are not at all safe. Your only chance is a cumulative action where biometric are first blocked, then deseeded and finally destroyed from government storage, whether located in India or foreign jurisdictions, opines Praveen Dalal. Now people may be interested in knowing the procedure to block their biometric and deseed Aadhaar from all government and private services.

The procedure to block your biometric and deseed Aadhaar has already been shared by Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). You may go through the same and be bold and strong to ensure that your biometric are blocked and deleted and Aadhaar is deseeded from all services.

Procedure To Deseed Aadhaar

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