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SC Has Killed Cyber Law Due Diligence In India To A Great Extent

Cyber law due diligence in India (PDF) for Internet Intermediaries is incorporated in the Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000). Section 79 read with Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 (PDF) deals with cyber law due diligence obligations of … Continue reading

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Aadhaar Is Not Compulsory For Government Or Private Services Or Purposes: Supreme Court

Constitutional Position Of Aadhaar In August 2017 Aadhaar involves serious Constitutional issues that require urgent and detailed analysis by Supreme Court of India. Unfortunately, Supreme Court is more interested in dragging the case so that Indian Government can force Unconstitutional … Continue reading

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Grid Security Expert System (GSES) Of India Proposed To Ensure Cyber Security Of Power Grids

Present days critical infrastructures are connected to information and communication technology (ICT) for portability, convenience and remote control purposes. Although this process brings many advantages yet this usage of ICT for critical infrastructures also exposes them for potential cyber attacks. … Continue reading

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CBSE Asks Schools To Tackle Sexual Abuses And Strictly Implement POCSO Act 2012

Recently the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued CBSE Guidelines for Prevention of Bullying and Ragging in Schools 9th March 2015, Reg: (D.O. No. 12-19/2012-RMSA-I) (PDF). As per the guidelines, CBSE has directed all its affiliated schools to form … Continue reading

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Google Services Temporarily Cut Off Due To Hathway’s Incorrect Traffic Routing

The original design of Internet and its protocols presupposes existence of mutual trust and this at times also cause troubles. In the initial age of Internet, there were very few Internet protocol addresses and they use to communicate with each … Continue reading

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Hacked USB Can Damage Computer’s Circuit And Crucial Components

USBs have been used for long to infect systems and to steal data. This is done by first infecting the concerned USB with a customised malware and then running the same on the target computer or system. Wherever physical access … Continue reading

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Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) Provides Techno Legal Framework To Regulate Technology Companies In India

Dealing with technology and foreign companies is a big challenge for Indian government. Whether it is taxation aspects or applicability of Indian laws to such companies, India has not been able to achieve a success in this regard so far. … Continue reading

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CBSE Directs Affiliated Schools To Constitute Anti Bullying Committee

India has been witnessing a technology revolution where smart phone, Internet connectivity and wireless access have become readily available. With increased access to technology, its abuses have also significantly increased. Many times these cyber abuses are done by juveniles who … Continue reading

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PMO Appoints Dr. Gulshan Rai As The First Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Of India

India has been pushing for delivery of public services through e-governance for long. However, India failed to consider the cyber security aspects of e-governance and this is a dangerous situation. When everything is connected to the Internet or cyberspace, the … Continue reading

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Indian Govt Enforces Ban On Private E-Mails For Official Communications

E-mails are important mode of communications these days. With the increasing webspace most of us also store crucial data, information and documents in our e-mail accounts. Obviously the access to these information and documents is available to the e-mail service … Continue reading

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