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Aadhaar Is Not Mandatory Under Aadhaar Act 2016 Or Any Other Law Of India

One of the most controversial questions of present time is whether Aadhaar is mandatory or not? Indian government is insisting that it is whereas legal jurists and Supreme Court have been maintaining that Aadhaar is absolutely optional. In fact, a … Continue reading

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Internet Intermediary Liability Law In India Must Be Stringent For GST, Taxation And Cyber Law Purposes

Internet intermediary liability in India has been prescribed by the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) that is the cyber law of India. It has seen many ups and downs and finally it faced an unjustified and undesirable onslaught … Continue reading

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US Is Pushing Other Nations Towards Cyber Warfare And Cyber Espionage Race

Cyber security field is a continuous battle field where malware and cyber security products are pitted against each other in an incessant manner. This fight is made more complicated due to absence of uniform international legal issues of cyber security … Continue reading

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Indian Online Rummy And Online Poker Websites In Legal Tangles

Online games like online poker, online rummy, online card games, etc are increasingly becoming popular in India. However, the regulatory environment for these online games is still in a state of mess. So bad is the position that even the … Continue reading

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Smart Cities Cyber Security And Civil Liberties Issues In India And Their Management

India is embracing the concept of Digital India and electronic delivery of services to its citizens. This is a noble intention but its actual implementation requires strong and effective techno legal framework. Digital India and initiatives based upon it cannot … Continue reading

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Digital India Project Of India Is Heading For Rough Waters

The Digital India Project of India Government is the classic example of use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for delivery of public services. Like any great project, Digital India is also suffering from some “Shortcomings”. The chief among them … Continue reading

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Aadhaar Not Mandatory For Government Services: Central Government To SC

Update 21-04-2017: On 21-04-2017, the Supreme Court Of India asked Indian Govt how it can make Aadhaar mandatory when the Court has declared it to be optional. Thus, the Supreme Court has reiterated its position on Aadhaar that neither Central … Continue reading

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