Author Topic: Digital Rights In India Have Been Rejuvenated By PTLB For Smart Cities  (Read 1639 times)


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The year 2018 was very bad for digital rights and Human Rights in India. Narendra Modi led government imposed Orwellian and unconstitutional Aadhaar upon Indians in most barbaric manner. Bad policy decisions like demonetisation were also imposed without any second thought.

As a result many people died of starvation and lack of employment. But Indian Supreme Court was least affected by these casualties. In fact, Supreme Court sided with Indian government and perpetuated atrocities upon Indians.

Meanwhile, Modi government continued to take away Fundamental Rights of Indians piece by piece. A major focus of Modi government was to enhance unconstitutional e-surveillance capabilities of intelligence and law enforcement agencies of India. Modi government killed the public grievance system on the one hand and forced social media companies to censor and engage in surveillance on the other.

We at Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) found the situation very alarming as Executive, Judiciary and Parliament are working in collaboration to compromise Rule of Law and Indian Constitution. We ascertained that the surveillance activities of Indian government are not only violating civil liberties of Indians but they are also making India vulnerable to cyber crimes and cyber attacks.

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