Author Topic: Aadhaar Driven Digital India Is Worst Digital Panopticon Opines Praveen Dalal  (Read 4252 times)


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Every government would love to keep a real time tab upon its citizens and people. While democracy and constitution in some countries force government of that country to denounce e-surveillance yet most governments around the world are engaging in unconstitutional e-surveillance.

India is one such country that is engaging in unconstitutional e-surveillance through various mechanisms. However, nothing can beat the draconian Aadhaar that has become a bane for humanity and Indians.

Crony capitalists and government hatched a plan to subjugate Indians for perpetuity through the instrumentalities of Aadhaar and Digital India opines Praveen Dalal. People were fooled into enrolling for Aadhaar by citing welfare services and subsidies. Subsequently, real intentions of government were made clear when everything was linked to Aadhaar.

Now gullible Indians are given false hope in the form of rhetoric like Digital India, startup India, entrepreneurship grants, etc. None of these schemes have made any impact upon the quality of life of Indians.

On the contrary, Digital India and Aadhaar have gave birth to the worst digital panopticon of humanity. Now government has the capacity to violate privacy and other fundamental rights of Indians in real time. The sheeple Indians have not been able to ward off this threat as they lack strength and courage to fight against the government.

So a new digital slavery system has been introduced in India that is monitored in real time by digital panopticon named Aadhaar. More features would be added to this digital slavery system so that Indians can never get out of it. This includes digital payments, Indiachain, digital locker, Aadhaar based digital services, etc.

Of course, those who have the capability to think and take rationale decisions are opposing and would keep on opposing the digital panopticon. They must concentrate more upon self defense so that they can protect their Human Rights in best possible manner.
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