Author Topic: Putin Claims The CIA Hacked The Kremlin  (Read 4463 times)


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Putin Claims The CIA Hacked The Kremlin
« on: January 29, 2017, 10:22:10 AM »
Russia and United States have been accusing each other for launching cyber attacks. Of course, none has admitted any of the cyber attacks alleged by the other country. At the same time, neither Russia nor US has been able to establish the authorship attribution that can pin point the role of other nation in cyber attacks. So this blame game of cyber attacks would go one for indefinite period. In fact, Russia has even arrested four cyber security specialists for charges of treason claiming that these four were US spies. 

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused CIA that it hacked the Kremlin. This is a more serious allegation than the US one in which US claimed that Russia was responsible for the cyber attack on the computer voting systems of Arizona and Illinois.

According to Russian media report, the FBI, acting upon a leak from the four accused, identified a Russian IT company, King Servers, as mounting a cyber-attack on the computer voting systems of Arizona and Illinois. The FBI claimed that it traced these attacks to six of the servers of King Servers.

Russia has denied these allegations and reports and Russia is claiming that it is CIA that is in fact cyber attacking Russia.
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