Author Topic: Cross Border Cyber Attacks And Authorship Attribution  (Read 4098 times)


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Cross Border Cyber Attacks And Authorship Attribution
« on: January 29, 2017, 09:56:53 AM »
Cyber attacks are never easy to ascertain and manage. Even if the cyber attack originates from the same territorial limits, still it takes considerable amount of resources to bring the culprit before the courts. This is more so if we are dealing with a skilled cracker who can easily hide and wipe his cyber tracks. That is why cyber attribution is such an important part of successful trans border cyber crime or cyber attack conviction.

We often hear that Russia hacked US computer systems and infrastructures and vice-versa. It is easier to level allegations against a nation than to prove the same with cogent and reliable evidences. The line is further blurred when the law enforcement agencies themselves have the powers to launch sophisticated cyber attacks that are clearly illegal and unconstitutional. Granting power to the law enforcement agencies by one nation would certainly result in using cyber armies by another nation. It would then be futile to contend that country A has hacked the systems or infrastructures of country B.

When an cyber criminal or cracker commits a cyber crime by mixing among the legitimate and law abiding people, it becomes imperative to ascertain, with great certainty, that a particular culpable act has been committed by a particular person alone.

Many times even the identity of such law abiding users is stolen to commit the crime or launch a cyber attack. Even worst, many computers are compromised and made part of the botnet that are used for all sorts of illegal activities over the Internet.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) believe that “authorship attribution” is an important aspect of “determining the culpability” of an offender where the means to commit the offence are common and accessible to many people simultaneously.

Data mining and profiling of the accused to “attribute culpability” to him/her alone is an emerging area of cyber crime investigation and nations must pay more attention to this branch.
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