Author Topic: Americans Are Giving Up On Cyber Security Fronts And Modern Institutions  (Read 1756 times)


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Cyber security awareness and usages is decreasing day by day in US. An environment of distrust is also growing among US citizens vis-a-vis modern institutions.

As per a research report, many Americans do not trust modern institutions to protect their personal data – even as they frequently neglect cybersecurity best practices in their own personal lives.

A majority of Americans (64%) have personally experienced a major data breach, and relatively large shares of the public lack trust in key institutions – especially the federal government and social media sites – to protect their personal information.

They express some level of concern about a variety of entities, ranging from telecommunications firms to credit card companies. But their fears are especially pronounced for two institutions in particular: the federal government and social media platforms.

39 percent of internet-faring adults use the same or very similar passwords for the majority of their online accounts, which is a bad practice. But you probably already knew that: 25 of these adults admit that they “often use passwords that are less secure than they’d like, because simpler passwords are easier to remember than more complex ones.”

Plus, 41 percent of adults on the internet have let a friend or family member in on the password to one of their accounts online.
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