Global Cyber Security Legal And Regulatory Compliance Is Now Just A Click Away

Cyber Security Law

Cyber law and cyber security related legal and regulatory compliance are very difficult to manage. This is more so in the contemporary times of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. A few years back managing cyber security related legal and regulatory compliance was still a manageable task but now it has become too complicated to manage. This is so because the dimensions of cyber law and cyber security have become so wide and unpredictable that one solution for all situation cannot be applied. We have to use customised and situation specific solution for every case.

The problem has become so complicated because state actors have now openly started interfering in the affairs and sovereignty of other nations. From rigging elections to manipulating public opinion to spreading rumours and fake news, cyberspace has clearly become an unruly and uncontrollable world. Nations are trying to dominate cyberspace and in the absence of uniform and harmonised international cyber law and cyber security treaties, they are trying to control their portion of the cyberspace. So far the success in this regard is partial but state hacking and cyber warfare would further fuel the race to control cyberspace in a fragmented manner.

The global legal environment regarding cyber law and cyber security is so fast changing that it has become next to impossible for lawyers, law firms and companies to get a grip over the same. That is the reason why we launched the world’s first techno legal portal TeleLaw that is helping global stakeholders to comply with local and global cyber law and cyber security norms. We are also helping them to formulate effective techno legal policies for their respective organisation so that interest of all stakeholders are best safeguarded.

Organisations world over are now well aware that cyber breaches and cyber attacks can cause huge loss and damage to them in terms of money and reputation. Ransomware are openly targeting companies and encrypting their data that cannot be decrypted till ransom is paid. Malware and zero day exploits are compromising the systems of not only private companies but even governments across the world. Critical infrastructures are continuously targeted in a stealth manner and till the time they are discovered, damage is already done.

Our techno legal projects and startups are trying to tackle these challenges and while doing so we are trying to help global stakeholders. If you need our techno legal help, please contact us and we would together make your cyber law and cyber security compliance easier and compliant as per applicable laws.