PTLB Projects Is Constituting A Techno Legal And Global Cyber Security Workforce

Global Cyber Security Workforce

Cyber security is no more a requirement but it has become a necessity. However, the shades of cyber security have totally changed in the recent times due to the modern technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, data analysis, quantum computing and many more secret military and non military projects world over. Add to it the concepts of automation industry, state hacking, cyber warfare, algorithmic warfare, cyber terrorism, etc and one can see what type of cyber security we need for the coming years.

Besides sophistication, we are also heading for a techno legal regime at global level. Neither technology nor law alone can handle modern day cyber law and cyber security requirements. We have more than 17 years of experience in techno legal fields like cyber law and cyber security. So we are in a position to appreciate both technology and legal aspects of cyber security.

However, we cannot manage this complicated field alone and that is why we have been inviting partnership and collaboration with global stakeholders. We are already in talk with many cyber security specialists and many of them have already joined our social media groups and accounts in one form or another.

We have recently announced that we would make our projects comprehensive, holistic and integrated in nature. So our legal tech, edu tech and tech law projects are working in collaboration and coordination with each other. We are combining our online dispute resolution (ODR), online skills development, online techno legal services project like TeleLaw, etc so that the most comprehensive techno legal services can be provided under a single online portal.

Through this post we once again invite cyber security professionals from around the world to be part of our ODR, skills development, techno legal services and other projects. If you are a cyber security professional, you can explore and analyse our techno legal projects and can collaborate with us in any or all of our projects. The choice is upto you and we would be happy to accommodate you and your expertise for our global projects.

Being a professional you must be aware that we are bound by many non disclosure commitments that we have made to our partners. These commitments have been given by us so that the interest of our partners can be best safeguarded. Sufficient is to say that we are exploring and testing latest technology in those fields that very few must have contemplated. Few of our projects are in areas that are totally new and if our projects are successful in scaling them up, they would be path breaking and create history in the international law fields.

We recently enacted two legal entities named PTLB Projects LLP and TeleLaw Private Limited. Both of them have been recognised as startups by both DPIIT and MeitY. So our techno legal projects and the legal entities supporting them have already been endorsed and recognised as valuable startups by Indian government. This means that there would not be any angel tax for the investors providing seed funding, angel investment, etc to our techno legal projects. There are many regulatory and taxation benefits too that would help our partners and investors.

So if you wish to create history and want to be part of something wonderful. contact us and let us together create a unique and global techno legal system.