Cyber Security is a complex and complicated branch to manage. Even Cyber Security Awareness in India and World Wide is not upto the mark. It is very difficult to find a Consolidated and Holistic Website or Online Resource in this regard. 

The Conflict of Laws in Cyberspace have also touched the Cyber Security issues world wide. The Conflict of Laws Scenerio in Indian Cyberspace is also evolving. Google's Online Defamation Case is a classic example of this situation. Indian Government must ensure Techno Legal Measures to regulate Indian Cyberspace. E-Surveillance, Civil Liberties Protection in Cyberspace and Conflict of Laws have made the situation really complicated.  Indian Government  is contemplating formulation of an E-Mail Policy of India. An Indo-American Alert, Watch And Warn Network has also been establised to for Real Time Information Sharing in Cyber Crime Cases. 

International Cooperaton and Colloboration in the field of Cyber Security is an essential requirement in the present interconnected world. For instance, Cross Border Cyber Attacks and Authorship Attribution issues are not easy to manage in the absence of International Cooperation.

If you are interested in Techno Legal Cyber Security Issues of India and World Wide, this is the right place to start with. This Platform and Website is managed by Perry4Law, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) and Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC). This Website is also trying to Consolidate the Cyber Security Initiatives and Projects of PTLB at a single place.

We at Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC are managing the Exclusive Techno Legal Cyber Security Research and Development Centre of India and Exclusive Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security in India.

Further, PTLB is also managing a very Significant and Exclusive Techno Legal National Cyber Security Database of India (NCSDI). The NCSDI is a Techno Legal Database of Cyber and Information Security Professionals of India. NCSDI is also a National Database of Information Security, Ethical Hackers, Cyber Forensics And Techno Legal Professionals Of India. PTLB also manages the exclusive Techno Legal Cyber Security Software Repository of India

Cyber Security in India is at its infancy stage and is still maturing. We cannot ignore Cyber Security in India as it has become an Indispensable Asset to protect Businesses, Governments, Organisations, Institutions and Individuals. The same must be a part of the National Cyber Security Policy of India and of any other Nation.

For a Secure and Strong Cyber Security of India, we have to ensure Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection in India (CIP in India) as well. There is no doubt that Critical Infrastructure Protection in India is urgently needed. The same cannot be done till we ensure Techno Legal Cyber Security Skills Development in India.

Cyber Security Skills are essential to manage Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security Capabilities of India. Further, Managing India's Cyber Security Problems, Issues and Challenges would also require Techno Legal Expertise. Crucial Cyber Security Issues like Cyber Warfare Against India, Cyber Terrorism Against India, Cyber Espionage Against India, etc require tremendous Techno Legal Expertise.

Formulation of an Effective and Robust Cyberspace Crisis Management Plan of India and its Actual Implementation in the best possible manner by Indian Government and various Cyber Security Stakeholders of India is also need of the hour.

Projects like National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) of India, Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project of India, National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) Of India, National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project of India, National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIPC) Of India,  etc must be managed not only in a Techno Legal Manner but also in a Constitutional Manner.

We also need to ensure a Techno Legal Framework for India. For instance, we must formulate Encryption Laws and Regulation in India, Cyber Security Laws in India, Data Security Laws in India, Data Protection Laws in India, Privacy Laws in India, etc.

At the same time we must ensure a Strong and Effective Legal Enablement of ICT Systems in India. The same must also be supported by Cyber Forensics Capabilities in India. The ICT Trends of India 2009-2012, Cyber Law and Cyber Security Trends in India 2011 Cyber Crimes Trends in India 2012, Cyber Laws Trends in India 2012, have shown little advancement in this regard in India. A Sound Cyber Security Policy of India and effective Cyber Security in India is also going to benefit the “Indian Outsourcing Industry” that may face difficulties and harsh decisions in the absence of Data Protection Law in India, Privacy Rights Protection Laws in India, Inadequate Cyber Security in India, etc.

If you wish to explore the Techno Legal Cyber Security Trainings and Course in India, you may see Techno Legal Cyber Security Training And Educational Centre Of India And Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Lifelong Cyber Security Learning In India.