TeleLaw Project Is Working For Harmonisation Of International Cyber Security Law

Global TeleLaw

Technology and law are not good friends and they prefer to stay away from each other as much as possible. That is the reason why we have grossly deficient laws in fields like cyber law, cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. This is not a national phenomenon but a global one. As there is no uniformity of opinion and interests, different countries have formulated different laws that are suiting their own requirements. This has put unnecessary pressure upon the cyberspace and global cyber law and cyber security related legal norms.

But the problem is much worst than mere conflict of law problem. Countries believe that a dominance over cyberspace and Internet can provide them an edge over their adversaries and there is an armed race for control over Internet/cyberspace. The involvement of military and intelligence agencies has further complicated the scenario. No matter how much we deny but the Internet is under threat from state and non state actors and we need to take urgent actions to prevent its complete collapse.

The primary duty to ensure that cyberspace/Internet remains a single process and it remain a friendly and educative piece of technology rests with the United Nations. However, UN has not been able to manage this aspect and till now we do not have either an international cyber law treaty or an international cyber security treaty. Everything is dependent upon the shabby interpretation of the international norms by different countries.

As the situation has become explosive, we at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) decided to act in this regard. We launched the TeleLaw Project that is the exclusive techno legal project of its kind in the world. We are working to bring international harmonisation in the fields like cyber law, cyber security, AI, smart cities, privacy and data protection, e-discovery, cyber forensics, international trade in goods and services, etc. We have already started exploring collaboration and partnership with national and international stakeholders. We are also in talks with investors to extend us seed funding, angel investment, etc for our techno legal projects. Once the collaboration and funding stages are over, we would release and launch our global model.

We understand that international cyber security is not an easy task to manage and it is not possible for a single organisation or projects to successfully manage it. That is why we are seeking support of individual cyber security experts and big and small cyber security firms too. We have related techno legal projects too where services and expertise of cyber security professionals can be used. For instance, we can use the expertise of cyber security professionals for our online dispute resolution (ODR) portal. We can also use the expertise of cyber security professionals for our techno legal online skills development projects like this. There are many more possibilities that we would share with global stakeholders in due course of time.

We request all cyber security stakeholders to share their views, opinions and suggestions with us so that we can incorporate them into the draft international cyber security rules. Such rules can be considered by countries across the globe and by international organisations. We hope this initiative of P4LO would prove useful in near future.

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