Indian Cyber Security Infrastructure Is In Poor Condition And Digital India Has Made It Worst

Cyber Security Nightmares
Cyber security in India is never given a priority by any government whether it is Congress Or BJP. We At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) gave early warning to BJP as far back as in 2016 about lack of cyber security for Digital India project. But till December 2018, Digital India is suffering from severe lack of cyber security and techno legal expertise.

But this problem is not unique to India alone. Countries around the world are suffering from sophisticated cyber attacks and malware. No country of the world has produce cyber security solutions that can handle contemporary malware and sophisticated cyber attacks.

What is worst is there is complete lack of a robust and resilient system where cyber attacks and cyber breaches can be handled by government in a time bound and effective manner. For instance, in India there is not a single online platform where stakeholders can report cyber crimes, cyber attacks and cyber breaches, etc.

That is why PTLB has launched the first ever online platform where national and international stakeholders can report cyber crimes, cyber violations, cyber attacks, cyber breaches, etc. The platform is available to all stakeholders free of cost so that access to justice can be ensured.

We are establishing an international techno legal framework also that would provide a groundwork for formulation of international cyber law and cyber security treaties. We have also launched exclusive techno legal portal for online dispute resolution (ODR) where stakeholders can avail our professional and paid services by incorporating an ODR clause in their agreements.

So there is practically no situation where stakeholders are left at the mercy of sophisticated crackers and cyber criminals. Even if your respective government is not helping you, we at PTLB would help you in all cases. These initiatives are part and parcel of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and our commitment to society at large.

These initiatives are also a modest attempt to start strengthening of Indian cyber security infrastructure. Right now Indian government is focusing exclusively upon snooping and e-surveillance instead of modernisation of law enforcement agencies and developing modern cyber crimes investigation capabilities. There is no focus upon cyber forensics, development of E-Courts and an  Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) In India.

The online platform of PTLB has integrated all these fields into a single platform. So a stakeholder can report most complicated cases at the portal involving privacy and data violation, cyber attacks, cyber law violation and involving conflict of laws at the same time. There is no platform in the world that can manage these techno legal issues in such a comprehensive and holistic manner.

So do not suffer in silence and report all types of violations at the exclusive techno legal online cyber crimes and cyber attacks reporting portal of the world.

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