AFPOH Would Strengthen Agriculture And Rural Communities With Its Techno Legal Projects And Expertise


Agriculture plays an important role in the growth and development of any nation and this applies to India as well. However, in order to be effective, Agriculture sector must be updated and upgraded on regular basis with latest information in the fields of technology, policy, financial resources, various schemes, weather forecasts, etc. We can no more afford to rely upon traditional Agriculture methods due to unpredictability of internal and external factors.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have been working in the Techno Legal Agriculture field for many years. In the year 2007 Association For People Of Haryana (AFPOH) was constituted to provide Techno Legal impetus to Agriculture and rural empowerment related activities in India. Till 2019 AFPOH is the exclusive Techno Legal Project of its kind in the entire world and we have further rejuvenated its activities by giving it a legal recognition that would be further fortified and refined in coming years.

While having a discussion about the proposed official launch of AFPOH Project, the members decided that the AFPOH Project must be supplemented and supported by other Techno Legal Projects and Centre of Excellences that P4LO, PTLB, etc have been managing for many years. So we decided to engage a meaningful collaboration and coordination between the Techno Legal Center Of Excellence For Internet Of  Things (TLCOEIOT) In IndiaIoT And Smart Cities Forum Of India and AFPOH Project. To facilitate this enabling and empowering feature, AFPOH has been made an administrator at the IoT And Smart Cities Forum Of India where it would discuss issues pertaining to strengthening and empowerment of Agriculture and rural empowerment through use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We have been doing Techno Legal Research and launched many Techno Legal Projects in the last decade in the fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Security and Privacy Protection, Big Data Analysis, E-Agriculture, Water Conservation and Management, Soil Testing, Crops Insurance, Solar and Renewable Energy Management, etc. Now AFPOH Project would implement them one by one so that Indian Agriculture and Rural Communities can compete at global scale.

In this post I am briefly covering some of the aspects of IoT that are related to Agriculture that AFPOH Project would take up in due course of time. The traditional Agriculture methods cannot meet the requirements of modern Agriculture due to novel and unique challenges. Nations have been experimenting with use of IoT and RFID technology for Agriculture purposes, including for the modern breeding, crop growth, quality and safety of Agricultural products, etc. Agriculture is loosing its charm and appeal fast as young generation is not interested in this field. Many have already left their traditional Agriculture profession and have moved to big cities for services and employment purposes. The reverse is also true. Many first timers have adopted and accepted Agriculture both as their passion and as a challenge and they are infusing young blood and latest technologies into our dying Agriculture sector.

We at P4LO and PTLB welcome this positive development and wish to assure those who are moving to big cities for services that Agriculture holds great potential if they use latest technology and have proper guidance in this regard. Many of Agriculture related problems can be solved today by using IoT and automation process.

For instance, research in Europe has proved that IoT has great potential for application in the domain of agriculture and food. From farm to fork, IoT technologies could transform the sector, contributing to food safety, and the reduction of agricultural inputs and food waste. Other stakeholders are also interested in investing in IoT and other technologies to get ground level information. Big companies doing business in agricultural produce want information on sowing and pre-harvest activities up to harvest. Similarly, development agencies are eager to develop sustainable farmer livelihoods keeping in mind various risk factors. We at P4LO and PTLB have specifically launched dedicated projects that are ensuring Resilience For All and Disaster Risk Reduction and soon they would also collaborate and coordinate with AFPOH Project for Agriculture field.

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